Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yeah...guess I finally admitted it...I'm middle age - THAT IS PAINFUL!!! But I guess at 45 there is no denying it. Only acceptance. (although if you mistake me for someone younger, I am not going to enlighten you!) So I have created this blog for all of you who are there or soon will be. I remember when I turned 35, I felt SO old..hahaha - that was NOTHING! But it did seem like all the commercials were saying things like "women over the age of 35" etc. Today I get emails from the AARP - not good. Can you relate?

Take for instance one day I'm mindlessly watching TV/reading the paper, when I hear a commercial in the background say something about being over 40 and your lips thinning...WHAT THE ??? No one EVER mentions that! So I rush to the mirror and I can't decide if my lips ARE thinning or have they always been this way? I've never had Angelina lips and never thought about even wanting those. I just took my lips for granted. The next thing I know I am seeing stuff about lips EVERYWHERE! Just 24 hours ago never thought twice about my lips, now I am downright paranoid. But plastic surgery? Have you ever seen plastic lips? You will know it when you do - they are not for me. .... yet!

Please share your thoughts, frustrations, and illuminations. I will continue to share mine.


  1. I happen to think you have perfectly fabulous lips!!!

  2. Thank you dahlin - I'm sure there are many men who would agree with you - LOL! (in my dreams...)