Thursday, February 18, 2010


Oh yeah - that is what I said....STDs! I heard yesterday that women over 45 were at more risk to get STDs than their younger counterparts. R U KIDDING ME? Well - apparently we hit 45 and become sluts! hahaha Seriously though - when we were younger we worried about getting pregnant and made sure our partner was protected. Well, now that we are older and don't have to worry about that so much anymore caution is thrown to the wind and we forget to ask the lucky man to put on his rain jacket. Don't do it ladies - protect yourself. Wanton and wayward and with STD is NOT what you want to be celebrating at this stage of your life! Wanton sounds like fun but you won't get very far if you contract an unwanted STD! So all you cougars out there - beware~ and be wary! Married women are probably breathing a sigh of relief (unless you are married to a particular professional golfer who seemed to have his way with many)!

tomorrow i am debating about writing about night sweats or facial hair....hmmmmm - decisions, decisions!


  1. by the way - you should visit this fab blog -

    It's all about growing gracefully into "middle age"! Right up your alley!